Logomania Level 6 Answers

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Logomania answers and cheats for level 6 of the popular game for iPhone by developer Genera Mobile. Having trouble beating level 6 of this challenging game, like Linkedin? This page has all the Logomania answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

Logomania Level 6 Answers

Logomania level 6-1

Linkedin – blue square.

Logomania level 6-2

Sony – large Y that has lines top and bottom base.

Logomania level 6-3

Nescafe – N where the top right line extends all the way.

Logomania level 6-4

Ibm – dashed M that has a middle point and bases on all sides.

Logomania level 6-5

Mercedes Benz – three pointed star with middle point up.

Logomania level 6-6

Msn – circles facing the right with blue being the largest.

Logomania level 6-7

Hollister – bird with the right wing appearing higher than the left.

Logomania level 6-8

OO7 – sven that is curved at the bottom and gun with curved trigger.

Logomania level 6-9

Alpine – 5 lines and an upside down v as an A.

Logomania level 6-10

Kawasaki – k that is curved on the right side .

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