Logomania Level 43 Answers

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Logomania answers and cheats for level 43 of the popular game for iPhone by developer Genera Mobile. Having trouble beating level 43 of this challenging game, like Redhat? This page has all the Logomania answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

Logomania Level 43 Answers

Logomania level 43-1

Redhat – lower case hat in thin black lines.

Logomania level 43-2

Ripcurl – Red figure that looks like a wave.

Logomania level 43-3

Sevilla Fc – Red and white striped lines.

Logomania level 43-4

Germany Flag – Starting from the top, black, red, yellow.

Logomania level 43-5

Australian Flag – Three more small stars and an extra small star on the right side.

Logomania level 43-6

Argentina – Yellow sun shape in the center white line.

Logomania level 43-7

Bahamas – Black triangle.

Logomania level 43-8

Belgica – Starting from the left, black, yellow, red.

Logomania level 43-9

Bolivia – Starting from the top, red, yellow, green.

Logomania level 43-10

Brazil – Green square with yellow diamond shape around the blue circle.

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