Logomania Level 21 Answers

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Logomania answers and cheats for level 21 of the popular game for iPhone by developer Genera Mobile. Having trouble beating level 21 of this challenging game, like Sony Ericsson? This page has all the Logomania answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

Logomania Level 21 Answers

Logomania level 21-1

Sony Ericsson – green sphere outlined in grey with a curved grey line in the upper left .

Logomania level 21-2

Electrolux – white circle cut into three parts by a thin blue shape.

Logomania level 21-3

Spalding – S inside an oval of two connecting red lines.

Logomania level 21-4

Assassin’S Creed – teardrop shape with upward curve on the bottom and decorations on the sides.

Logomania level 21-5

Call Of Duty – Y with the right part of the letter cut off.

Logomania level 21-6

Fender – Stylized letter F with no tip and an upward-trending slash.

Logomania level 21-7

Jeep – Two circles with seven lines between them.

Logomania level 21-8

Wilson – Capital W with tips pointing left.

Logomania level 21-9

Whirlpool – Ripple effect with only two thick curves.

Logomania level 21-10

Crocs – Upper body of crocodile with crooked smile.

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