Logomania Level 18 Answers

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Logomania answers and cheats for level 18 of the popular game for iPhone by developer Genera Mobile. Having trouble beating level 18 of this challenging game, like Sap? This page has all the Logomania answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

Logomania Level 18 Answers

Logomania level 18-1

Sap – upside down blue rigt trapezoid.

Logomania level 18-2

Nbc – rainbow peacock with colors arranged flow left to right yellow orange red violet blue green .

Logomania level 18-3

Milka – m with four lines of roughly the same length.

Logomania level 18-4

Timberland – black circle with unrealistic black tree and rivers under the tree.

Logomania level 18-5

Vodafone – red quote mark (pointing up) on a white circle.

Logomania level 18-6

Opel – black circle with a z whose ende extend beyond the circle.

Logomania level 18-7

Deutsche Telekom – three grey dashes pink T one grey dash.

Logomania level 18-8

Bose – black E with top extended and lower two prongs the same length.

Logomania level 18-9

Daewoo – orange D Orange C with an orange dot in the middle.

Logomania level 18-10

Aston Villa – yellow fire breathing lion, not furry.

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