Logomania Level 11 Answers

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Logomania answers and cheats for level 11 of the popular game for iPhone by developer Genera Mobile. Having trouble beating level 11 of this challenging game, like Walmart? This page has all the Logomania answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

Logomania Level 11 Answers

Logomania level 11-1

Walmart – sun with six points .

Logomania level 11-2

Zippo – flame with one big and one small peak.

Logomania level 11-3

Amd – Green square with two trangles missing.

Logomania level 11-4

At&T – White sphere with horizontal blue stripes thicker on the left.

Logomania level 11-5

Atari – Two converging curves with a line in the middle.

Logomania level 11-6

Bic – Man with a black ball for a head standing with a pen behind his back.

Logomania level 11-7

Biohazard – Red circle.

Logomania level 11-8

Burger King – Yellow hamburger buns.

Logomania level 11-9

Bulgari – V.

Logomania level 11-10

Campbells – A cursive C with one flourish on top.

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