Logomania Answers and Cheats

Logomania answers and cheats to the new game from Genera Mobile.  From the makers of the hit games, Colormania – Guess the Colors and Eyenigma, Genera Mobile has added a logo-based trivia game to their bestsellers.  Logomania is available for free download on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Do you think you can guess all of the different logos correctly?  If not, don’t worry because we have all of the Logomania answers and cheats to help you beat every level!


Logomania Answers and Cheats

The logos featured in the Logomania are from brands that you may see everyday.  Companies such as, Starbucks, Subway, Nike, Facebook and many more are all featured in the game.  What makes this game different from the others is you will be tested to see if you can remember the different features, such as the color of the bun in the Burger King logo or the shape of the K in Kellogg’s.  Rather than using a letter bank to fill in the answers like in other logo-based trivia games, in this game you will be pinpointing the exact features.  Be aware, you may begin to second-guess yourself throughout the more difficult levels!

Each level features the brand logo and four different images for you to choose from to find the missing feature.   If you want to narrow down your choices, you will be given four bombs to start.  The bombs allow you to remove one of the four images.  When you successfully guess a few of the logos and brands, you will be rewarded with more bombs to help you in the future levels.  When you first begin the game, you will be given seven lives.  Each time you guess incorrectly, you will lose a life. If you run out of lives, don’t panic, the game allows you to spin the roulette wheel for more lives.  When you spin the wheel you will receive anywhere from one to eight extra lives to allow you to keep playing.  If you get tired of spinning the wheel, there is an in-app store where you can purchase anywhere from 10 to 1,500 lives.

The game features 60 levels, each level containing ten different logos.  With 600 different puzzles to solve, your logo knowledge will definitely be tested.  Logomania stands out from many of the other logo and trivia based games that are currently in the app store.  If you think you can decipher all of these logos, download Logomania and start playing today.  Having trouble determining the missing piece? We have all of the Logomania answers and cheats right here!



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